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Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
this morning says japan's government eased its safety standards to help fast track the boeing 787. japan's two biggest airlines pressed the tokyo government. japanese companies supplied one- third of the components dream liner 787. today the joint u.s. and japanese investigation into the jets shifts its focus to the company that makes the battery monitoring system. >>> exxon mobile is now the world's most valuable company. a week after apple stock price crashed about 12%. i'm looking at apple right now and the stock is actually up today. 1.5%. there are 446 a share. it's about $413 billion or $5 billion less than exxon mobile. >>> time now 6:51. new developments in that royal phone prank scandal. the permanent change that was made after the prank that may have played a role in the death of a nurse. >>> scary moments for fans at the x-games in aspen, colorado. we'll show you what happened when one of the athletes tried to do a back flip. >>> welcome back to the ktvu morning news. the australian radio show responsible for the prank has been taken off the air permanently. last month the show was
Jan 21, 2013 6:00am PST
interview since it was first revealed to be a hoax. >>> in downtown kabul afghanistan, the government says they stormed in shortly before dawn which set off a deadly gun battle which lasted several hours. at one point the attackers set off explosives causing a fire and at least three attackers were killed and several police officers were also hurt. >>> we are learning more about the 15-year-old boy accused of killing his parents and three siblings in their albuquerque kirk home. nehemiah griego has been arrested but the 15-year-old frequently dressed in camouflage, was home schooled and had few friends his own age. chaplain greg griego was a volunteer chap plain at the jail as well. >>> president barack obama will have his inauguration in washington d.c. and of course off to your left the camera will pan around in washington d.c. and this is attracting thousands of people and kyla campbell is right there in the middle of everything with a look at all the major events happening in just a couple of hours, good morning, kyla. >> reporter: this morning the first family is at a prayer service a
Jan 22, 2013 6:00am PST
, a partial government shut down is possible. house members are scheduled to vote tomorrow and democrats in the senate are on board with it. they are talking about it regarding the debt ceiling when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> on our website as well, >> i'll take that, including beyonce, she sang the national an them. >>> they are hoping to be led to the suspect involved in the robbery. three people were able to escape from the store after the shooting from the bullet proof glass. >>> they are deciding whether to approve a consulting contract for bradden. they don't like that he stopped to frisk tactics. but in a letter, they praised him and they said racial profiling will not be tolerated. if approved they will pay his consulting firm $200,000. >>> they set off a hollywood bidding war. the movie called fruit veil, they are now all bidding for the film and the drama was written by newcomer ryan cougeller, and it chronicles the shooting from four years ago on the bart station. >>> they will put bike stations around marin and riders could bo
Jan 23, 2013 6:00am PST
the government to default. they contained a provision which holds the pay for senate members if they fail to pass a budget plan. >>> a memorial is planned for two members who were swept out to sea. brian baker of vallejo was pulled into water while hiking. and in san francisco, he was overcome by the surf. authorities have called off the search for baker. >>> a new finding in the 787 debacle. the lithium battery over heated during a flight last week forcing an emergency landing. all dream liners have been grounded since and the senate plans to investigate why they approved this. >>> advocates believe this is the year they will allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses. they have pushed the idea for 14 years and they believe the political climate is now favoring them. latinos are projected to make up a majority of the population by 2025. >>> and they will not get anymore warnings if they don't feed the meters. drivers with expired meters will get tickets and it took affect at the beginning of the year and parking tickets have been issued warnings. now they will enforce the laws which re
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4